Day Fifteen: Who Do You Love?

Aw…here are my major lovies and snugglers:





This post made me realize I need to take more pictures, lol!  I don’t have one recent picture of my sister!






Day Fourteen: One Sentence Saturday

My book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed…love this book!

First sentence:

“The trees were tall, but I was taller, standing above them on a steep mountain slope in northern California.”

Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Day Thirteen: My first…

My first…

Pet was a dog named Black Jack.  I was 4 and I called him BJ – he was a beautiful toy poodle, coal black.  I remember being so excited because every dog I’d been around was bigger than me and I didn’t know they ‘made doggies my size.’  He followed me everywhere and I loved to watch him run and roll around in the yard; he looked like one of my stuffed animals come to life.

Unfortunately, a mama owl mistook him for a big rat (I guess?), and she snatched him from our yard one evening while we were playing.  My father tracked her, but the dog didn’t make it.  I’ve never had a dog that small again…or felt comfortable looking at an owl.  Nature is a crazy thing.

Day Twelve: 10 Things I Know For Sure

What Are Ten Things You Know For Sure?

Hm…I’ve been sitting here staring at the blinking cursor and wondering if I know anything for certain, lol.

Perhaps it’s too much pressure, so let’s start with two easy ones, a bit cliche, but you have to start somewhere, no?

1) The earth is round.

2) The sun will come out tomorrow.  (I’ll be singing that song in my head for a couple of hours now.)

3) My dogs will eat anything, unless it’s something I want them to eat…like their medication.

4) Three months with my journal taught me more about myself than eight years of college.

5) My sister does the best chipmunk voice ever.

6) When in doubt about dessert, I’ll always choose chocolate.

7) Nap/sleep as much as you can – your body needs it so much.

8) A kind word can soothe the most ruffled of feathers.

9) Taking yourself out on dates is well worth the effort.

10) Picking a tattoo design and placement and then waiting a year equals no regrets.  🙂

Day Eleven: Weepy Wednesday

What Makes You Weepy?

If I were making a list, it would be a long one, lol…I can get weepy at the drop of a hat! 

Onions will do it, definitely, I have to freeze them and grate them on a box grater so I won’t cry. 

Watching my dogs sleep also makes me weepy – I love them so much and they have added so much to my life. 

Watching my sister leave after a visit still makes me cry, even though we haven’t lived in the same city in over 20 years.

Any commercial that involves parent/child moments wreck me…I can’t have children, so the reminder can still be painful. 

Moments of awe can make me tear up as well.  Driving home tonight, I teared up at the gorgeous sunset.  I’m a sap.  🙂

Day Ten: Show and Tell


This is my (slightly out of focus) claddagh.  We’re a few generations removed from Ireland, but some traditions remain strong…like my grandmother won’t let you in her house on St. Patrick’s Day if you’re wearing green, orange only please!

Another tradition is the claddagh.  For the women in our family, if you turn 21 and are still childless and unmarried, expect one of these to find it’s way to you.  When I got mine, I found out I was the first to get one in 4 generations – I’m not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or an insult, lol!  My grandmother and I are very close, so it’s one of my most cherished possessions.

Day Nine: Favourite Movies

Wow, this is the hardest topic for someone like me…I have categories, subcategories, and then I still have trouble picking favourites! I’ve also been known to get on a certain kick and watch the same movies over and over.  Currently, I’ve been watching Sherlock Homes and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (both with RDJ), The Conjuring, The Family Stone, and V for Vendetta.  And of course, with the holiday season coming up, I’ll be watching A Christmas Story a few times I’m sure.  🙂