Kickin’ It Old Skool: Time Capsule

Time capsules are fun – we actually have a huge one at work that’s due to be opened in 8113!

As for my little time capsule of December 2, 2013, read on…

1) What are you reading?

I’ve just finished my annual rereading of Into The Wild by John Krakauer, so no new book yet.  However, as it is Monday, I always read Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B. Johnson at the start of the week.  It’s a children’s book about “two friends who have very different approaches to life.”  It reminds me that I can accomplish the things that I want, and still remember to breathe and enjoy my time along the way.  Very cool book.

2) What are you watching?

I’m currently caught up in my Sherlock Holmes geekery, so I’ve been watching Elementary every night to catch up on all the episodes I’ve missed.  I must say though that the best thing I’ve watched today is my dogs sleeping.  They were snoring in unison and then my beagle had some sort of chasing dream where he moved his paws like he was running and make the cutest little ‘woofs.’  Ah, the things I do at 4am!

3) What are you listening to?

I usually just leave my ipod on shuffle during my morning walks, but today it was all Foo Fighters, all the time.  I’m still singing “The Best of You.”

4) What are you loving?

My sister – Christmas is her favorite holiday and she sent me an e-mail this morning about wrapping paper and planning a visit before the holiday.  Her enthusiasm is so beautiful.

5) What are you wearing?

Grey long sleeved t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, my claddagh, and my glasses.  When I go outside, I’ll be much more bundled.  🙂

6) What are you creating?

I just finished a journal, so I’m breaking in a new one over the next few days…creating collages, collecting quotes and pictures, selecting a postcard from my collection for the front cover to make it feel more like me.  I’m also drafting designs for a cross-stich bookmark for my mother; it’s early days on that though.

7) What are you looking forward to?

My (slightly rainy) lunchtime walk with my dogs, the quiet during my journaling session, my Christmas baking weekend (a bunch of friends asked for goodies this year), my sister’s visit in a few weeks.

Have a great day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Time Capsule

  1. I love the part about you loving your sister and how Christmas is so important/special to her. My younger sister was like that — as children she wanted to talk about and plans Christmas from mid November. We’ll grown up and she passed away 13 years ago but I do treasure those times.

  2. Beagles are such incredible dogs. I rescued one a year ago that had been dumped and was just forced to let her go to find a forever home because she really needs a safe fenced yard to run in. Denial is a painful thing sometimes…

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