Day Six: Friday First – First Blog post

My first username on a blogging site was over at LiveJournal.  I signed up so I could subscribe to other blogs, and I never intended to actually post anything.  If you’re familiar with LJ, you probably know they are prone to a few things:

1) Getting hacked by Russians 

2) Changing the site rules at the drop of a hat and not telling anyone

3) Doing mass suspensions of accounts

If I remember correctly, my first post was made out of anger….a blog I read, which was a rape survivor documenting her recovery, therapy, etc…was suspended because she mentioned the word ‘rape’ in the blog.  Now, I am a rape survivor, and it is difficult enough to speak about your experience, to reach out and tell others that they aren’t alone, much less when you have people taking down your blog because the word is ‘offensive.’  The word is offensive???  Wtf? 

Anyway, there was a big hullabaloo and the blog was reinstated, but I’m still shaking my head over that one six years after the fact. 


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