Day Nine: Favourite Movies

Wow, this is the hardest topic for someone like me…I have categories, subcategories, and then I still have trouble picking favourites! I’ve also been known to get on a certain kick and watch the same movies over and over.  Currently, I’ve been watching Sherlock Homes and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (both with RDJ), The Conjuring, The Family Stone, and V for Vendetta.  And of course, with the holiday season coming up, I’ll be watching A Christmas Story a few times I’m sure.  🙂



One thought on “Day Nine: Favourite Movies

  1. I think in categories and subcategories too! It’s hard to pick just a few or not represent every aspect! I do like your choices though and now and really wanting to revisit the Sherlock Holmes films! They feel holiday-ish to me because I remember seeing them over the holidays!

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