Day Ten: Show and Tell


This is my (slightly out of focus) claddagh.  We’re a few generations removed from Ireland, but some traditions remain strong…like my grandmother won’t let you in her house on St. Patrick’s Day if you’re wearing green, orange only please!

Another tradition is the claddagh.  For the women in our family, if you turn 21 and are still childless and unmarried, expect one of these to find it’s way to you.  When I got mine, I found out I was the first to get one in 4 generations – I’m not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or an insult, lol!  My grandmother and I are very close, so it’s one of my most cherished possessions.


5 thoughts on “Day Ten: Show and Tell

  1. Ah yes. Orange for Protestant, green for Catholic, right? My family used to do that, when we were Mormon. I wear green now to honor the fae. I have a claddagh ring myself, though the heart is peridot. It doesn’t fit anymore 😦

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