Day Twelve: 10 Things I Know For Sure

What Are Ten Things You Know For Sure?

Hm…I’ve been sitting here staring at the blinking cursor and wondering if I know anything for certain, lol.

Perhaps it’s too much pressure, so let’s start with two easy ones, a bit cliche, but you have to start somewhere, no?

1) The earth is round.

2) The sun will come out tomorrow.  (I’ll be singing that song in my head for a couple of hours now.)

3) My dogs will eat anything, unless it’s something I want them to eat…like their medication.

4) Three months with my journal taught me more about myself than eight years of college.

5) My sister does the best chipmunk voice ever.

6) When in doubt about dessert, I’ll always choose chocolate.

7) Nap/sleep as much as you can – your body needs it so much.

8) A kind word can soothe the most ruffled of feathers.

9) Taking yourself out on dates is well worth the effort.

10) Picking a tattoo design and placement and then waiting a year equals no regrets.  🙂


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