Little graces

So, my boss was fired on Monday.  Cue anxiety and butterflies in my tummy.  We both expected it – it seemed to have been in the works since January, but I have never thought that there is a way to prepare yourself fully for major upheaval.

Last night, I came home to this sky:


It reminded me of what my grandmother called ‘little graces’ – those things that see you through, soothe the jagged edges, even though you may not notice them at the time.  This week, they have saved me.

  • Focusing on my breath…deep cleansing ones to calm my nerves, helping me hold my tongue, and reminding me that everything is going to be ok.
  • Unconditional love from my dogs.  Focusing on their sweet, ‘in the moment’ way of life helped me leave my stress at the door.
  • The reactions of my friends and coworkers.  The most common reaction was, “Wtf, are they crazy?” which made me laugh – exactly what I needed.
  • Playing ‘where would you live?” with Edward.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  We took turns picking places and finding properties.  Apparently I really need to live near water.
  • Mother Nature.  Leave it to the big wide world to put things back into perspective – we’ve had both big storms and quietly gorgeous sunny days.  I’ve done a lot of looking up and really seeing this week.

So he’s gone – and went on vacation, good for him – and here we are.  Endless gratitude to him for 6 years of leadership and laughter and to life for leading me to my little graces.


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