Days like these…

Sometimes, I’m at a loss.

Open document, empty of words.  Cursor taunting me with it’s slow blink…blink…blink.

Open journal, the pages rich under my fingertips.  The book half-full of thoughts, hopes, nightmares, the day to day normalcy of life…but today nothing.

Where does one begin on days like those?  Life swirls around you and yet feels too big, too colorful, too emotional, too something to filter onto the page.  Or maybe chaos reigns and the orderliness of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs feels like the most monumental task ever attempted in the history of the world.  Do you ever feel like this, or is it just me?

On days like today, I like bullet points…no muss, no fuss.  Sometimes simple is the best way to go.

Random occurrences, 7/29/2014

  • Dreamed last night that I built a small house near a lake.  It had a fabulous bathroom with a skylight in it.
  • Received 3 e-mails at work with the big red ‘high importance’ exclamation point today, none of which required it.
  • Walked the dog trail 6 times with no drama, but much beagle sniffing of everything.
  • Heard “I don’t want to talk to voicemail, I want a real person” seven times today.
  • Number of wasps killed today: 1





It’s all in the details…

At least that’s what Nana says.  This month I’m taking an e-course with Susannah Conway called “Blogging from the Heart,” and it’s been a lot of fun.  I took two courses with her last year, “Journal Your Life” and “Unraveling,” and I can’t sing her praises high enough.

Since I’m still settling into my new little corner of the internet, I thought one of Susannah’s prompts would be fun to try out tonight:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1)  I go to the movies almost every week and I never pay a dime.  **Hint: ask for these babies for birthdays and Christmas


2)  I mostly grew up in a log cabin that my parents built and we didn’t have running water or electricity for a year…that sucked just as much as you can imagine, especially in winter.

3)  I send at least one hand-written letter a week; it’s a dying art that deserves a revival!

4)  I’m right-handed, but crochet left-handed.  It gives me an awful headache too.

5)  My favorite sounds in the world are my dogs snoring and my sister doing chipmunk voices.  She’s awesome at that!

6)  I fell into a tank of sharks when I was 4 and to this day I won’t set foot in the ocean.  Not even a baby toe.  I love to look at it though.

7)  Monday through Friday I eat exactly the same things every day.  It’s the way we cooked when I was a kid and it has always worked for me.

8)  I own 7 pieces of art by mixed media artist Laura Wellem, six of which I can see from where I’m sitting right now.

9)  I changed my entire name – first, middle, and last – when I was 23.

10)  One of my secret dreams is to sell everything I own, load the dogs up in the car, and just drive across the country until we find somewhere we love.

That was harder than I thought it would be!  What is something not everyone knows about you?

This is 39…


(Me and my ‘niece’)

I’m not sure I’m one of those people who can write bullet points about what I’ve learned in a particular year – this blog probably won’t ever have a post titled ’40 things I’ve learned by 40.’  I learned a lot of difficult lessons in my life way earlier than I would have liked; I’ve found that is sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.

I do know that this year I’ve learned a lot about gratitude – it’s power, it’s simplicity.  I’ve worked hard to learn how manage and eliminate stress in my life; something I wasn’t sure would be possible.  I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve been in my life so far, and the horizon looks amazing from year 39, day 2.

My life, like everyone’s I assume, is a work in progress.  In my journal, I marked my birthday with a couple of collages…things I’ve figured out, things I want to remember, things I’m still working on, plus some images that simply resonate with me.  Here’s a peek:



So here’s to year 39 – I hope it has as much love, laughter, quiet, and simplicity as my birthday did.

Wishing much bliss to all of you on your special days.



What did you see today?

Jan 4

Today I spent 15 minutes sitting under a tree staring at the sky, watching a cloud turn into wisps of white teased across this vast blue canvas.  It was the most ordinary, and yet still extraordinary, moment.  I’m sure that most people reading this right now looked at the sky today, perhaps a quick glance while checking the weather or inadvertently whilst rolling your eyes at hitting yet another stoplight on the way home from work…but did you see it?

It occurred to me while I was watching that I look at thousands of things a day – a doorknob, a bird, my favorite pen – but I don’t really see them.  We sometimes long for a lost sense of wonder or awe, something we feel we had as children that faded as we grew up, but we don’t take the time to open our eyes and see the amazing things right there in front of us everyday.

So food for thought for this Wednesday evening, what did you see today?  What made you smile?  What inspired a sense of awe in you, even if just for a moment?  If nothing comes to mind, why not take a few moments tomorrow and see what you can find?

I promise you won’t regret it.


Those eyes…


“No one on earth will love you more, be more patient with your moods, or keep your secrets better than your dog.”

Oh, how those eyes slay me – how could anyone deny her anything at all?