Currently…Independence Day edition

Happy 4th everyone!  It’s been a beautiful morning, puppies are napping and the intense heat has let up for the moment.  I’m so grateful for my long weekend!


Listening…I’m listening to the men’s Wimbledon semi-finals.  I’m a tennis nut who no longer has cable, so Wimbledon Radio has been my saving grace these last two weeks.

Eating…say hello to these yummy delights.  No white in here, but close enough, no?


Drinking…Water with a bit of peach puree.  Am I the only one who can’t drink straight water?

Wearing…Still wearing my jammies – I’m off today and there are no rules!

Feeling…I’m so peaceful and content right now.  The french doors are wide open, the cool breeze swirling through my home.  I love it.

Weather…Partly cloudy, low 70s, with a cool breeze.  Definitely my kind of weather.

Wanting…To cultivate a life where I can hold on to this feeling no matter where I am or what is happening around me.  I’m not there yet, as life is always a work in progress.

Needing…Heidi to calm down.  She’s so excited that the doors are open and she can see squirrels on the tree across from the porch.  I love how dogs are always in the moment; she so focused on the squirrels that she can’t see that Hank just stole her treat.

Thinking…Contemplating possibly baking this weekend, which would be a big step, since my kitchen tried to kill me the last time I baked.  I miss baking.

Enjoying…the e-course I’m taking with Susannah Conway.  It’s called ‘Blogging from the Heart’ and has been really fun so far.  I’m looking forward to learning more as we go.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!







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