What did you see today?

Jan 4

Today I spent 15 minutes sitting under a tree staring at the sky, watching a cloud turn into wisps of white teased across this vast blue canvas.  It was the most ordinary, and yet still extraordinary, moment.  I’m sure that most people reading this right now looked at the sky today, perhaps a quick glance while checking the weather or inadvertently whilst rolling your eyes at hitting yet another stoplight on the way home from work…but did you see it?

It occurred to me while I was watching that I look at thousands of things a day – a doorknob, a bird, my favorite pen – but I don’t really see them.  We sometimes long for a lost sense of wonder or awe, something we feel we had as children that faded as we grew up, but we don’t take the time to open our eyes and see the amazing things right there in front of us everyday.

So food for thought for this Wednesday evening, what did you see today?  What made you smile?  What inspired a sense of awe in you, even if just for a moment?  If nothing comes to mind, why not take a few moments tomorrow and see what you can find?

I promise you won’t regret it.



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