This is 39…


(Me and my ‘niece’)

I’m not sure I’m one of those people who can write bullet points about what I’ve learned in a particular year – this blog probably won’t ever have a post titled ’40 things I’ve learned by 40.’  I learned a lot of difficult lessons in my life way earlier than I would have liked; I’ve found that is sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.

I do know that this year I’ve learned a lot about gratitude – it’s power, it’s simplicity.  I’ve worked hard to learn how manage and eliminate stress in my life; something I wasn’t sure would be possible.  I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve been in my life so far, and the horizon looks amazing from year 39, day 2.

My life, like everyone’s I assume, is a work in progress.  In my journal, I marked my birthday with a couple of collages…things I’ve figured out, things I want to remember, things I’m still working on, plus some images that simply resonate with me.  Here’s a peek:



So here’s to year 39 – I hope it has as much love, laughter, quiet, and simplicity as my birthday did.

Wishing much bliss to all of you on your special days.




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