Days like these…

Sometimes, I’m at a loss.

Open document, empty of words.  Cursor taunting me with it’s slow blink…blink…blink.

Open journal, the pages rich under my fingertips.  The book half-full of thoughts, hopes, nightmares, the day to day normalcy of life…but today nothing.

Where does one begin on days like those?  Life swirls around you and yet feels too big, too colorful, too emotional, too something to filter onto the page.  Or maybe chaos reigns and the orderliness of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs feels like the most monumental task ever attempted in the history of the world.  Do you ever feel like this, or is it just me?

On days like today, I like bullet points…no muss, no fuss.  Sometimes simple is the best way to go.

Random occurrences, 7/29/2014

  • Dreamed last night that I built a small house near a lake.  It had a fabulous bathroom with a skylight in it.
  • Received 3 e-mails at work with the big red ‘high importance’ exclamation point today, none of which required it.
  • Walked the dog trail 6 times with no drama, but much beagle sniffing of everything.
  • Heard “I don’t want to talk to voicemail, I want a real person” seven times today.
  • Number of wasps killed today: 1





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