The Hows and Whens

Day 5 is upon us and our prompt is ‘three!’  I know I should have been pondering the presence of 3’s in my life, but today I mostly wondered about how/when others are taking their pictures – this group is so amazing.  Do they carve out specific time?  Shoot when they can grab 10 minutes here or there?  Or is it only when something sparks their memory of ‘oh, crap, I need to take some pictures for August Break?’

Since I don’t have a smartphone or an ipod with a camera, I’ve been carrying my digital back and forth to work when needed and shooting when I can grab a few minutes (the weekends are more leisurely, of course) .  The night before I find the prompt for the next day and think about what I’d like to photograph, and then plan accordingly.

The pictures below were taken at work…threes are pretty prevalent in the architecture, and who can resist a magic mailbox?






2 thoughts on “The Hows and Whens

  1. Great post, I’m impressed by your planning. I tend to get home exhausted and think – oh what was the prompt. ‘Three’ was a particular challenge, I was scouring the house for something, but when I hit on an idea I was off.

    Glad I’ve found your blog, looks fab

    1. Thanks Katie! I was like that on Sunday with my migraine…I was like, ‘crap, I need to take a picture, but I don’t want to move.’ Lol.

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