Reflections of…

“…the way life used to be.

Reflections of the love you took from me.”

Sing it, Supremes.  Like Diana and the girls, I’ve been lost in memories today.  Rather than focusing on lost loves, I’ve been contemplating the nature of drawing and redrawing lines or setting parameters (if you will) in life, in work, in relationships.  It’s a difficult subject to work out, but when a dynamic changes, sometimes you have to take stock and ponder if you’re in the right situation anymore.

Rereading that, I hear Buffy in my head, “Gee, can you vague that up for me?”  Thankfully for today’s prompt, ‘reflection,’ I took things a bit more literal:

Towering pines – these trees are actually 3 stories tall!


Rear window…what things would you like to leave behind you?



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