Not-so-guilty pleasures

When I was younger, I had a really awful guilt complex.  I found it really hard to enjoy anything, and I had a myriad of reasons at my disposal as to why I should feel guilty for doing/seeing/enjoying whatever it was.  I think it had a lot to do with my really fucked up family dynamic plus society in general telling people how they ‘should’ feel every second of every day.  Like any teen or twenty-something, I believed it too.

I’m SO glad I got over that.

Today’s prompt is ‘my guilty pleasure,’ and I had a hard time with it, since I don’t do the whole guilt thing anymore.  So I decided to think about sporadic or even little daily things that bring me simple pleasure.


1)  My ‘daily pause.’  Whether it’s watching a foundation for a few minutes, stopping to feel the wind on my face, bringing up, or listening to a song on my ipod…if I’m having a really busy/rough day, my daily pause is a great gift to myself.  I take 5 minutes, a few deep breaths, reset, recharge, and I’m ready to get back at it.  It’s priceless pleasure.

2) I LOVE to read, but I go through books like water.  Reading fanfiction has brought me a lot of good friends and there is always something good to read if you know where to look.


3)  Snacks!  Some days it’s a huge bowl of fruit or a square of dark chocolate, today I was craving something saltier…as long as it’s vegan, I’m a-ok with it.

4) the latest addition to my bedtime routine.  Whether it’s pictures of puppies, waves crashing on the shore, or Buddha statues, if I want a pleasant send off to dreamland, I’m hitting pinterest before bed.

What are your daily pleasures?



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