A long day…

You know those days where you’re exhausted and you feel like your brain still hasn’t caught up from the last 6 hours or so?  And you want to upload your pictures and dash off a quick post, but you also want to just say ‘fuck it all’ and watch reruns of NCIS?

Yep, that’s my day.  Today’s prompt is ‘hands.’  My hands today, at age 39, look almost exactly like I remember my grandmother’s hands appearing when I was a little girl.


I would trace the lines and veins with my fingers, and they were soft…always so soft.  I miss her – she doesn’t remember me now, so I have to remember for both of us.

So that’s my night.  My mala beads and I will be over here meditating and sending Nana all of the love and joy I can muster.





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