Shades of blue

The creeping insanity of work continues – it’s the same every year, so at least I know what to expect.  For today’s prompt ‘blue,’ I decided to see if I could find blue things that I use to de-stress and decompress.  I was surprised that it worked!


This is my favorite stress ball…it should probably tell you a bit about my job in that I have more than one.  I love it because it’s extra squishy and turns bright pink when you squeeze it.


Believe it or not, this is my favorite book on yoga.  Babar has great form and makes yoga fun…adults take everything too seriously sometimes, so looking at things on a child’s level can bring back the joy in it.


One of my favorite postcards – I collect them, so I have hundreds – I love the bright colors, including the blue doors and shutters.  Sometimes when I’m taking a pause, I’ll imagine what could be behind the blue door…today I’m thinking fresh baked crusty bread.

What do you imagine is behind the door?


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