Look down

Day 16, people – halfway home and still going strong!

Today was Heidi’s yearly visit at the vet, and Dr. Annie and I were talking about all of the dog trouble I’ve had over the past few years:

  1. Heidi’s food allergies
  2. Heidi’s ear infections
  3. Hank’s prostatitis
  4. Hank’s neutering surgery
  5. Hank’s heart valve problem
  6. Hank’s major spine surgery

We jokingly call them my $15,000 dogs, but they are worth it.  My dogs are part of my family – I feel very strongly that if you accept responsibility for an animal, that’s it, you’re in it for life.  Heidi was actually adopted from a shelter by my former roommates, who I discovered were thinking of returning her to the shelter when I bought my condo.  I was horrified and immediately claimed her as my own.

When I look down, I’m filled with gratitude…


*Hank surveying his kingdom

And filled with joy…


*Heidi cannot be still to save her life…every pic is a blur!

When I look down, I also wonder why I have a fairy-angel outside my condo, lol.


Not sure what it means, but I’m taking it as a good sign.  Happy Saturday everyone.


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