Fading history

Unlike a lot of other people doing August Break apparently, I have no clue how to turn a color image into a black and white one.  No matter though, I had a really good time looking at the oldest photographs in my family.

This is m grandmother at about 9 months old…note the cheekbones are already in full effect.  She turned 90 this month, so I’d say it doesn’t look so bad for 89 years old.


This one has always creeped me out!  I’m not sure what kind of photograph it is, but it has been fading over time and every restoration pace I’ve taken it to wants a small fortune to preserve it.  The fading almost makes Nana and her cousin look like ghosts – she’s the one in white.


I’m amazed these two have lasted so long – I can only imagine the number of hands they have passed through, the homes and photo albums.  It makes me really sad to think about how many people take photos these days and how few actually get them printed.  I like something tangible, something I can touch, something with a bit of history to it.  My great grandmother’s handwriting is on the back of Nana’s baby picture – the only bit I’ve ever seen.  It’s beautiful, I would have hated to have missed it.


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