I’m probably the last person who should be talking about today’s prompt, ‘adornment’:  I’m not really interested in clothes, I don’t wear makeup, and the only shoes I own are running shoes.  However, even the minimalists amongst us have a few things up our sleeves!

My claddagh has been pictured several times this month, which has great sentimental value to me.  I also wear these every day:


I bought them when I came back from England in 2006 – they remind me of my time there.  I had such an amazing trip and I think of it every time I see them in the mirror.

My biggest adornment though is definitely my tattoo, which I got the year I turned 25.


It’s the Japanese kanji for power or strength, depending on the context.  I am a rape survivor, and I wanted to mark permanently the time when I felt like I had regained my personal sense of power.  I know a lot of people regret their tattoos, but I still love mine.  In fact, I have nightmares where I wake up and it is gone.

What is your most personal adornment?


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