September 1


Brilliant sunset tonight, welcome September.

August Break was a good goal, and I am happy I finished, but it took a lot more work than I thought.  A few things I learned:

1)  I would take a lot more pictures if I had a camera on my Ipod.  I love my hand held, but lugging it back and forth to work, out shopping, etc. was crazed.  Since my Ipod is always on me, it would have been so much easier to just pull it out and capture an image.

2)  I am not meant for every day posts…there were days that I really, REALLY, didn’t want to post, but wanted to see my goal through to it’s completion.  I have a newfound respect for people who post every day…or even every other day…and manage not to lose their mind.

3)  I definitely want to take on a challenge like this again.  Perhaps doing something with letter writing, one a day for a month?  Maybe do weekly progress posts instead of daily ones.

4)  Sunsets are my favorite photographs to take, hands down.  Last light of day is a beautiful thing.

Happy September everyone!


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