And the beat goes on…


I’m not the best friend.  If I’m confused, hurt, in pain, trying to make hard decisions, whatever the case might be, I go quiet…withdraw from people really, until I’ve figured out my course of action.  Some people need to bounce ideas around, talk to family or friends and get their opinions, etc…I am not one of those people.  I only want to listen to my heart, roll things around in my head, figure out what I think without outside influences.

So that’s where I’ve been for the last couple of months.  My plan had been to take September off and hop back in around October, but Hank, my beagle, began to show signs that he had slipped or burst another disk in his back.  So we were back to pain meds and crate rest and another huge question: another surgery or is it time to let nature take it’s course?

So we’re heading into December, and I’m intensely grateful that Hank is still here with me.  I’m keeping him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible – no surgery – and for now he has more good days than bad.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he stays that way for a while.

So now I’m easing back into the blog.  Susannah Conway is doing ‘December Reflections,’ so expect some pictures in the coming days.  Should be fun.  Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.