I leave for work every day at ten minutes ’til six…the air crisp, making me shiver, the sun still snug in it’s bed no matter what the season.  Most days, I don’t see the sun until lunch time, sprinting home on my break to walk the dogs.  It never occurs to me until the holidays that this is not the reality for most people.

One of the beautiful things about my job is that we are ‘closed’ this time of year, usually from Christmas Eve until after the New Year, depending on how the calendar falls.  Since I haven’t taken a vacation in about 7 years, I relish every second of free time we get.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment, so I hit the roads around 7:45.

So here we are, a bunch of people heading to work (or the doctor), and all of a sudden the clouds break and this beautiful sunrise appears.  I am stunned…and wowed…and amazed…and I seem to be the only one that’s noticed that a gorgeous array of gold, pink, and violet has revealed itself for our viewing pleasure.  Then I remember that some people get to see this every day.  It’s normal, boring maybe…it’s nothing special to them because they see it all the time.  I still cry every time I see the ocean, but to someone who lives on the beach, it’s always there, part of the fabric that makes up their every lives.

It made me wonder what things I see every day that I take for granted.  What marvels am I missing because I’ve allowed them to just blend into the background?  I’m going to start searching again…take off the blinders and see what I can find.

What have you searched out lately?



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