And here we are…10 things

My last day of freedom before returning to work (full days)…it’s bittersweet, I’m not going to lie.  If the last two weeks are anything like what retirement will be, sign me up immediately because I can’t wait.  Before we all get dunked back into the icy waters of the 40 hour workweek, a 10 stat rundown of my winter break:

  • Half days worked:     8 – otherwise my office would have exploded.
  • Hikes taken:     3, two in Piedmont Park and one on the new Beltline
  • Pictures taken:    105, that’s a lot of pictures for me
  • Biggest accomplishment:     I cleaned the bed off!  Still not sure why I keep the bed, since I sleep on the couch.
  • Power outages:     1 – my first ever in this place and I’ve lived here for over 3 years.
  • Episodes of Dead Files watched:     All of the ones on Netflix, lol…around 40-45?
  • AMC giftcards received for Christmas:     10 – I’m set until my birthday!

What will you miss most about your time off? (question courtesy of my sis)

  • Truly easing into every day.  I’d spend 30-45 minutes every morning writing in my journal, then take each dog for a long walk.  No stress, no running around, no media of any kind – I loved it.  If I could find a job that allowed me mornings like that every day, I’d be so grateful.

Favorite picture of 2015 so far:

It’s also the first picture I took…I’d just walked the dogs, so it must have been around 2:30-3am on 1/1/15.  It just makes me laugh.


Favorite picture taken over the break:

This was taken on 12/26/14.  The sky was just amazing that afternoon.


Happy Sunday everyone.  See you back in the coal mines tomorrow.



Over the holidays, I took a break from the 24/7 media onslaught.  I don’t have Facebook (thank goodness) or cable tv, but I stopped checking my Twitter feed, didn’t go to news sites, ignored anything that popped up in sidebars, etc.  I just felt overwhelmed by all of it…it never stops and we focus so wholeheartedly on the negative things happening in our world.

Last night, I checked the headlines for the first time in over a week and saw the following:

Another awful plane crash, complete with pictures of grieving families

“Georgia police chief shoots wife hours into 2015”

“Florida man charged with decapitating mom with ax”

It took 3 seconds…one brief scan of headlines…and I felt like I’d never left.  In fact, I couldn’t find one positive headline on the entire main page of the site.  Maybe I’m too sensitive, or maybe the world isn’t sensitive enough – do you ever feel that way?  How do you separate your sense of inner peace from the way the media would seemingly love us to believe the world is…wholly violent, tragic, and dark?  Where is the light, where is the balance?


The light of the new year is weak and thready so far; it’s just after 3 and it feels as though we’ve already lost it for today.


Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by our blue skies of late…it is winter, after all…but for the new year I’m craving color.  Like the colors of summer – strawberry juice dripping from your fingers and grass staining the hem of your favorite jeans.  Thankfully we still have a few colors hanging around to bring some cheer on a grey day…leave it to my beagle to sniff them out for me.  He’s a prince, even if he comes back from walks covered in cockle-burs.



What are you craving today?