Over the holidays, I took a break from the 24/7 media onslaught.  I don’t have Facebook (thank goodness) or cable tv, but I stopped checking my Twitter feed, didn’t go to news sites, ignored anything that popped up in sidebars, etc.  I just felt overwhelmed by all of it…it never stops and we focus so wholeheartedly on the negative things happening in our world.

Last night, I checked the headlines for the first time in over a week and saw the following:

Another awful plane crash, complete with pictures of grieving families

“Georgia police chief shoots wife hours into 2015”

“Florida man charged with decapitating mom with ax”

It took 3 seconds…one brief scan of headlines…and I felt like I’d never left.  In fact, I couldn’t find one positive headline on the entire main page of the site.  Maybe I’m too sensitive, or maybe the world isn’t sensitive enough – do you ever feel that way?  How do you separate your sense of inner peace from the way the media would seemingly love us to believe the world is…wholly violent, tragic, and dark?  Where is the light, where is the balance?


2 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. I know what you mean, we have seen so many tragedies over this period, it has me really wondering. I don’t think you are too sensitive, it means you have a good heart and soul that is touched by the suffering of others. I guess it’s about us all making good where we are

    1. Thanks Katie. It’s good to know that others see/are affected as much as I am. I love the thought of ‘making good where we are.’ Something good to ponder for the new year.

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