01540 years ago today at 2:28am, my mother was super happy to NOT be pregnant anymore…I was 26 days late after all.  As the story goes, it was July 18th, over 100 degrees, my father was at work and my uncle, who was supposedly ‘on baby duty,’ was sleeping off one too many beers on the couch when my mother went into labor with me.  Pissed off that no one coherent was around, she decided to drive herself to the hospital in her little VW bug.  Apparently she could barely reach the pedals because her belly was so big.

Anyway, 19 hours later, officially July 19th, I was born and judging from the picture from the hospital above, I had both my bitchbrow and side-eye perfected from day one.

I’m not sure I can sum up 40 years in one blog post or a list of ’40 things I’ve learned by 40’…how does one sum up their life in that way?  A cacophony of words come to mind – painful, desperate, joyous, wild, free – and none could encapsulate it.  But I’m thrilled that I get more, even if only 60 more, even if only a few hours – I’ll take it and be grateful.

What are you grateful for today?


Day 29: My eyes


Hi everyone!  Is it just me or does today feel like Thursday?  I’ve been thinking tomorrow was Friday all day.

One more day until the end of April Love!  Many thanks to Susannah for dreaming this up; it’s been a lot of fun.

Day 28: Clouds


Today the sky here is one BIG cloud, so I’m digging into the archives.  I had a roommate once that was baffled that I took so many pictures of the sky; she couldn’t see the point of a photo without a person in it.  But I look at this and see so much beauty, it calms my heart, centers me, reminds me to take a deep breath and enjoy every single moment.  Not bad for just one picture, right?

Day 25: Simple pleasures


One of my favorite things to do is just get in the car and drive.  A cross country trip is most definitely on my bucket list, but I really enjoy just driving to work…windows down, singing along to the radio.  There’s a sense of freedom there, infinite possibility.  It should come as no shock that one of my favorite songs is named “Drive On.”

What is your favorite simple pleasure?