And here we are…10 things

My last day of freedom before returning to work (full days)…it’s bittersweet, I’m not going to lie.  If the last two weeks are anything like what retirement will be, sign me up immediately because I can’t wait.  Before we all get dunked back into the icy waters of the 40 hour workweek, a 10 stat rundown of my winter break:

  • Half days worked:     8 – otherwise my office would have exploded.
  • Hikes taken:     3, two in Piedmont Park and one on the new Beltline
  • Pictures taken:    105, that’s a lot of pictures for me
  • Biggest accomplishment:     I cleaned the bed off!  Still not sure why I keep the bed, since I sleep on the couch.
  • Power outages:     1 – my first ever in this place and I’ve lived here for over 3 years.
  • Episodes of Dead Files watched:     All of the ones on Netflix, lol…around 40-45?
  • AMC giftcards received for Christmas:     10 – I’m set until my birthday!

What will you miss most about your time off? (question courtesy of my sis)

  • Truly easing into every day.  I’d spend 30-45 minutes every morning writing in my journal, then take each dog for a long walk.  No stress, no running around, no media of any kind – I loved it.  If I could find a job that allowed me mornings like that every day, I’d be so grateful.

Favorite picture of 2015 so far:

It’s also the first picture I took…I’d just walked the dogs, so it must have been around 2:30-3am on 1/1/15.  It just makes me laugh.


Favorite picture taken over the break:

This was taken on 12/26/14.  The sky was just amazing that afternoon.


Happy Sunday everyone.  See you back in the coal mines tomorrow.


It’s all in the details…

At least that’s what Nana says.  This month I’m taking an e-course with Susannah Conway called “Blogging from the Heart,” and it’s been a lot of fun.  I took two courses with her last year, “Journal Your Life” and “Unraveling,” and I can’t sing her praises high enough.

Since I’m still settling into my new little corner of the internet, I thought one of Susannah’s prompts would be fun to try out tonight:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1)  I go to the movies almost every week and I never pay a dime.  **Hint: ask for these babies for birthdays and Christmas


2)  I mostly grew up in a log cabin that my parents built and we didn’t have running water or electricity for a year…that sucked just as much as you can imagine, especially in winter.

3)  I send at least one hand-written letter a week; it’s a dying art that deserves a revival!

4)  I’m right-handed, but crochet left-handed.  It gives me an awful headache too.

5)  My favorite sounds in the world are my dogs snoring and my sister doing chipmunk voices.  She’s awesome at that!

6)  I fell into a tank of sharks when I was 4 and to this day I won’t set foot in the ocean.  Not even a baby toe.  I love to look at it though.

7)  Monday through Friday I eat exactly the same things every day.  It’s the way we cooked when I was a kid and it has always worked for me.

8)  I own 7 pieces of art by mixed media artist Laura Wellem, six of which I can see from where I’m sitting right now.

9)  I changed my entire name – first, middle, and last – when I was 23.

10)  One of my secret dreams is to sell everything I own, load the dogs up in the car, and just drive across the country until we find somewhere we love.

That was harder than I thought it would be!  What is something not everyone knows about you?