September 1


Brilliant sunset tonight, welcome September.

August Break was a good goal, and I am happy I finished, but it took a lot more work than I thought.  A few things I learned:

1)  I would take a lot more pictures if I had a camera on my Ipod.  I love my hand held, but lugging it back and forth to work, out shopping, etc. was crazed.  Since my Ipod is always on me, it would have been so much easier to just pull it out and capture an image.

2)  I am not meant for every day posts…there were days that I really, REALLY, didn’t want to post, but wanted to see my goal through to it’s completion.  I have a newfound respect for people who post every day…or even every other day…and manage not to lose their mind.

3)  I definitely want to take on a challenge like this again.  Perhaps doing something with letter writing, one a day for a month?  Maybe do weekly progress posts instead of daily ones.

4)  Sunsets are my favorite photographs to take, hands down.  Last light of day is a beautiful thing.

Happy September everyone!


Love is…


Love is napping puppies.

Love is Hank’s wet nose nudging my foot because he wants me to take him outside.

Love is Heidi’s tail thumping loudly whenever I speak to her.

Love is two little noses peaking through the crack of the front door when I get home in the evening.

They are my ‘first thing in the morning’ and my ‘last thing before bed.’  I strive every day to be the person they seem to believe that I am, and I hope they know that I love them as much as they love me.

And that is August Break 2014 completed guys – thirty one days, thirty one posts, and one goal accomplished!  Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, and commented.  Catch you tomorrow with what I’ve learned from all of this.

Soft…it’s a long story…



This is Lucy in her glamour shot.  She’s 11 years old and doesn’t act a day over 5.  I’m sure a lot of people manage to keep their car both in perfect working order and clean as a whistle.  I am not one of those people.  I keep her running right, but before today, it’s had been a really, really long time since Lucy had had a wash and wax.  After 11 years, she’s not perfect, but the finish is so soft right now.

While the guy was working on her, we started talking about vehicles we grew up with, like my father’s 1979 Bronco with the automatic rear window and my mom’s yellow VW bug that the horse sat on.  It made me think about Lucy and everything we’ve been through.  I was sitting in the front seat when my neurologist told me that I had epilepsy and the next seizure could kill me.  It’s the car in which I brought Hank down from Kentucky, and the car that moved me into my first home.  A load of memories wrapped up in a fire engine red package.

What car sparks the most in your memory?


I grew up in mountains…they are nice for the quiet, long drives on winding roads, brilliant fall colors…great for a weekend visit, but not for long term, at least not for me.

In my wildest dreams, I live near the water – a lake, river, the ocean.  Water is so soothing to me, I can sit for hours just watching the ripples, the waves coming in.  That is something I would love to wake up to every day.

In the meantime, I live near a large park and there is a lot of greenspace around me.  I have a beautiful screened-in porch where I watch the sunset every evening; this type of nature is my idea of bliss.


What about you?  What’s your favorite part of nature?


Black thumb

Reduce, reuse, recycle…something old becomes something new again and today’s prompt.  For me, that mostly means planters.  I want to be able to grow things, but instead I have a black thumb.  You name it, I’ve killed it…flowers, vegetables, even ivy.  I buy these pretty planters and have the best intentions, but it all goes to hell.  So my planters become something new, like this:


My favorite shade of orange, originally meant for a tulip, but now holds random pens, pencils, and fuzzy blue princess crowns.  Much prettier than anything you’d find in the office supply section, I think.

Hope you guys have a great Friday.


So many lines to choose from in a day – tables, bannisters, rows in the library, the solid yellow on the roadway.  When I read today’s prompt though, all I could think of was “lines high in the sky” and “lines that go awry.”  It was like Dr. Seuss invaded my brain.

High in the sky were easy to find – I can see these every day:


Lines that go awry were a bit harder to find…but the shadows were my friends today:


Kinda wonky, no?  Reminds me of my day.


My mornings start early.


Insomnia can be really annoying sometimes; 3:20 am was my second wake up this morning.  At least the first was the dogs wanting to go play.

Today’s prompt made me think about what I would want my mornings to look like.  For the last 19 years, it is still dark outside when I get to work.  My first glimpse of the sun lately comes like this:


I treasure these moments – it looks so lovely coming through the windows.  I think the start of my perfect morning would probably involve taking the dogs for a long walk while the sun comes up.

How does your perfect morning begin?