It’s all in the details…

At least that’s what Nana says.  This month I’m taking an e-course with Susannah Conway called “Blogging from the Heart,” and it’s been a lot of fun.  I took two courses with her last year, “Journal Your Life” and “Unraveling,” and I can’t sing her praises high enough.

Since I’m still settling into my new little corner of the internet, I thought one of Susannah’s prompts would be fun to try out tonight:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1)  I go to the movies almost every week and I never pay a dime.  **Hint: ask for these babies for birthdays and Christmas


2)  I mostly grew up in a log cabin that my parents built and we didn’t have running water or electricity for a year…that sucked just as much as you can imagine, especially in winter.

3)  I send at least one hand-written letter a week; it’s a dying art that deserves a revival!

4)  I’m right-handed, but crochet left-handed.  It gives me an awful headache too.

5)  My favorite sounds in the world are my dogs snoring and my sister doing chipmunk voices.  She’s awesome at that!

6)  I fell into a tank of sharks when I was 4 and to this day I won’t set foot in the ocean.  Not even a baby toe.  I love to look at it though.

7)  Monday through Friday I eat exactly the same things every day.  It’s the way we cooked when I was a kid and it has always worked for me.

8)  I own 7 pieces of art by mixed media artist Laura Wellem, six of which I can see from where I’m sitting right now.

9)  I changed my entire name – first, middle, and last – when I was 23.

10)  One of my secret dreams is to sell everything I own, load the dogs up in the car, and just drive across the country until we find somewhere we love.

That was harder than I thought it would be!  What is something not everyone knows about you?