Day 13: Love Note to Myself


Like a lot of people, I have had a tendency to hold on to things for too long, to my detriment….whether it be friendships that are no longer healthy or just pay advices from 1995 (no joke).  In the last year, I have really taken the above advice to heart and began a journey towards a more minimalistic approach to life.  And it has made me really happy, more calm…I don’t hold on so tightly to things or people or situations anymore.  It’s the best form of self love I can imagine.


On the table…

This is my bedside table:


My favorite lamp, my favorite picture of my nieces, and a butterfly pendant that my grandmother gave me long ago…the funny part is that when I went to take this picture, I had completely forgotten what was on that table.  In fact, I haven’t slept in my bed in over two years.

When my dog, Hank, got sick a couple of years ago, I started sleeping on the couch so I could take him out whenever he needed to go.  And I just never went back.  I’ve been thinking about that – how little we truly ‘need’ vs. what we think we do (or what society tries to convince us that we do).

Over the last couple of weekends, I’ve been working my way through my closet and purging everything I don’t wear or can’t wear anymore.  It’s felt really good to see things go out the door, see space open up.  I can see myself embracing a more minimalist approach as I grow older, and that makes me happy.  I can’t say that I’ll sleep on the couch forever, but clearing out the cobwebs and some clutter can only be a good thing.