Day 28: Clouds


Today the sky here is one BIG cloud, so I’m digging into the archives.  I had a roommate once that was baffled that I took so many pictures of the sky; she couldn’t see the point of a photo without a person in it.  But I look at this and see so much beauty, it calms my heart, centers me, reminds me to take a deep breath and enjoy every single moment.  Not bad for just one picture, right?


Day 24: Trees

Before I bought my condo, I lived in a walk out basement apartment for 11 years.  I didn’t really mind it, aside from all leaks ending up in my space (that happened twice…ok, maybe 3 times).

The first time I saw this space on my house hunt, I honestly couldn’t see living on the top floor.  Not sure what it was, but it felt weird to me.  Now I can’t imagine not living on the top floor.  The best part is the massive tree outside.  Once it is fully in bloom, when I look outside it feels like I’m in a tree house.


Have you ever spent time in a tree house?  I never had one growing up!

April Love Day 20: My scent

I have super sensitive skin…I can’t wear makeup, sunscreen, or any fragrance.  For better or worse, I usually end up smelling like outdoors or something I have eaten.  Today, I smell like rain.  This was the sun after the monsoon I got caught in.  🙂


What is your favorite scent?

Days 15 & 16

No posting yesterday due to a landscaping committee meeting, ironic given the pic below.  🙂

Day 15: Yellow


Day 16: 10 years ago


Ten years ago…almost to the day…Chloe turned 4!  She will be 14 tomorrow – gah, they grow up so fast!

Day 2: My favorite flowers

As usual, I can’t have one absolute favorite anything (except sisters…I only have one of those!).  My favorite wild flowers are the orange day lilies that grow everywhere in the summer back home.  You’ll be driving on some crazy, twisting, two-lane backroad, and all of a sudden the sides of the road will just be glowing with those orange lilies.  So beautiful.

If we’re talking cultivated flowers, I have to go with this one:


*I think they are Gerber daisies?

Don’t they just look happy?  They always make me smile, which is my favorite quality in a flower.

What’s your favorite flower?