Today I’ve been laid out by a migraine…those things can pack a wallop!  Luckily, today’s August Break prompt was ‘Window.’  I had thought to take a photo walk this afternoon and catch some of the awesome older windows in my neighborhood, but life had other plans.

My view today:


As you can see the pollen and the spiders have made my view their playground.  Back tomorrow with less ‘webby’ snippets.


August Break 2014

The last couple of years I’ve followed August Break – I love looking at other people’s photographs; it feels like getting a little glimpse into their journal without the guilt.

I’m going to be participating this year and hopefully I’ll make it all 31 days!  If you want to sign up, you can check it out here:

Today’s prompt was ‘Lunch.”  My lunch was the same as it is every day: dash home to walk the dogs, then try to get back to work in time to eat.  Rushed, yes, but Hank and Heidi are worth it.  As for what I ate:



That’s beans & rice with peas and carrot, with a peach for dessert.  It was very good.  Thankfully the spreadsheets were not on the menu.