Day 24: Trees

Before I bought my condo, I lived in a walk out basement apartment for 11 years.  I didn’t really mind it, aside from all leaks ending up in my space (that happened twice…ok, maybe 3 times).

The first time I saw this space on my house hunt, I honestly couldn’t see living on the top floor.  Not sure what it was, but it felt weird to me.  Now I can’t imagine not living on the top floor.  The best part is the massive tree outside.  Once it is fully in bloom, when I look outside it feels like I’m in a tree house.


Have you ever spent time in a tree house?  I never had one growing up!


Day 23: When I was young…

My grandfather was my favorite person in the world.  There are about a zillion pictures of us like this:


Who was your favorite person when you were young?

April Love Day 21: A happy memory


Given how much I talk about my dogs, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  🙂

This was taken the first year I had Hank, with my old school SLR.  He was running around like crazy and would stop for a second, then take off again.  That must have gone on for an hour, until he fell asleep.  It made me laugh so hard.

April Love Day 20: My scent

I have super sensitive skin…I can’t wear makeup, sunscreen, or any fragrance.  For better or worse, I usually end up smelling like outdoors or something I have eaten.  Today, I smell like rain.  This was the sun after the monsoon I got caught in.  🙂


What is your favorite scent?

Day 19: Where I live


Ok, so I totally cheated and did not take this picture today.  However, this is my favorite picture of where I live.  I took this picture the day I signed the papers for my new home, my first home.  I worked 3 jobs for almost 4 years, paid off debt and saved a down payment, and these keys are the result of so much hard work.  Tangible evidence of what I can do when I set my mind to it.

It’s a nice reminder as I set off on another journey…one that will require sustained focus on my goal, i.e. paying off my final student loan and ultimately my mortgage.


April Love Day 18: Sweet

I used to be a big dessert person…I’m more into fruit now, but I still have my go-to treats on occasion.  My all-time favorite treat is a handful of vegan chocolate chips and a spoonful of natural peanut butter, stir and microwave for about 30 seconds.  My second is this:


I only get it about twice a year, so as to savor every single bite.  I let it get nice and soft, and the chocolate/peanut butter combination just explodes across my tastebuds.  So amazing!

What is your favorite sweet treat?